Monday, September 13, 2010

Traumatic Voyage

Here's a band that's managed to remain obscure despite their being in existence since 1986.
They've also succeeded in making a very unique sound which involves death metal, black metal and at times trip-hop. Perhaps, I shouldn't be using 'they' as this started off as a one man band started with drums and additional vocals being done by a couple of other musicians.

I don't consider this to be an inaccessible record certainly not as much as Deathspell Omega's - Fas.., but because there's something very unsettling about their sound. If you're interested in avant-garde metal give it a shot.

Traumatic Voyage's very 90's looking website -


  1. Thats some pretty cool album art.

  2. Sweet, i might check them out later.

  3. I can't even tell what that picture looks like.

  4. hmm, not sure what to think about this